Roman Gladius Letter Opener/ Kirjeveitsi

26,00  (sis. alv.)

AVE! Komea kirjeveitsi Rooman valtakaudelta!

Pituus 27cm
Paino 140g

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The Roman Gladius was the primary weapon of the Roman Legionary and was used in conjunction with the ‘Scutum’ (shield) and ‘Pilum’ (spear). Its design was strongly influenced by the swords used by the Iberian (Spanish) Celts. It was predominantly designed as a thrusting weapon and was in use in one form or another from the 4th Century BC to the 3rd Century AD. Our Roman Gladius Letter Opener is a product of the world famous Art Gladius factory in the historic sword manufacturing city of Toledo, Spain. It features an embellished brass plated pommel and guard and a decorated stainless steel blade that will make light work of all but the toughest of envelopes.

Size: Length: 27cm Width: 4cm Weight:140g


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