True Utility TU-310 SideLite Avaimenperävalo NEW!

11,95  (sis. alv.)

TU-310 Side Lite Avaimenperävalo,Uusinta Led tekniikkaa.
-4 Led valoa,Erittäin kirkas
-1 kpl AAA paristoja(Ei sis.pakkaukseen)
-Lentokone alumiinia

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See things from a different angle. Simple elegant design and latest LED technology combine to produce this new type of personal lighting tool, producing a powerful side light from just 1 x AAA battery (not included) and 4 ultra modern low energy LED bulbs. The innovative and original internal D-ring collapses within the end cap to produce a flat surface which enables this powerful tiny torch to be used as a freestanding work light for any occasion, or the SideLite simply hangs from your key ring and is always ready for use. The on/off button is recessed to prevent accidental use, and balances the streamlined aesthetics of the design.

Material – aircraft grade aluminium.

L75mm x D20mm


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