Silva XCL High power halogen HL 10+ otsavalo/57061-10

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Silvan uutuus otsavalo!
Suurteho: 10w+20w
Valoteho jopa 300lm valaisee 120m asti.
Vesitiivis rakenne takaa turvallisen käytön eri olosuhteissa.

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The Silva XCL is an evolution of the popular 478 and 480 headlamps that are widely used and appreciated among hard-core training athletes, orienteering and professional users worldwide. The new headset and the fact that this headlamp is attachable on both a helmet and a bike handle bar with optional accessories, make Silva XCL a great choice for the serious cross-training athlete. The output power is easily altered between the two halogen lamps, 10 and 20W, using a switch on the headlamp. This is valuable to adjust to changes in terrain and speed, and also useful to prolong battery life when needed.

Available in three different versions; without battery, with 4.5 Ah battery and with 9.0 Ah battery. 57061-10
57061-45 (4,5 Ah)
57061-90 (9,0 Ah)
Key features
• Battery life: –
• Max lumens: 300Lumens
• Light distance: 120m
• Weight: 190g
• Water resistance: IP54
• Beam pattern: Medium beam 57061-90

Use XCL for:
• Running
• Cycling
• Skiing
• Horseback riding


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