Silva Exceed 3XT Pro Ladattava Otsavalaisin Uutuus 2020!

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Silva Exceed 3XT:
Silvan Otsavalojen kunkku!
Kevyt 129g.

Max.teho 2300lm
-9.9Ah Li-Ion akku 355g
-3-super LEDIÄ
-Valonkantama jopa 220m
-4 tehoaluetta
-IPX5 Vesitiivis
-Paino vain 149g

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Exceed 3XT is a member of our Professional series and SILVA’s top-of-the-line headlamp in this range. SILVA EXceed 3XT features an Activity light which is a brand new function. With this feature you can optimize the light beam according to the task that you are performing. Together with the Search function which is a temporary boost mode with 2300 Lumens, it probably exceeds the experience of any other headlamp on the market.

EXceed 3XT Pro Headlamp:

1x Rechargeable 9.9Ah Li-ion USB (external battery pack)60h min.power 80lm
Battery indication
Active battery indication system
Beam pattern
Activity light / Intelligent Light®
Bulb type
3x High power LED
Charging time
Discharge time (max mode)
4h (long range), 4h (med range), 4h 30min (close range)
Discharge time (min mode)
Light distance
120m (close range), 140m (med range), 180m (long range), 220m (Search mode)
Light modes
Blink, Close range, Max, Medium range, Min, Search mode
Light output
ABS, Aluminium, PC, TPU
USB easy charge
Water resistance
IPX5 – Waterproof


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