Kit Rae Morthoseth Sword of shadows Miekka

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Morthoseth ominaisuuksia: Musta hopeoitu viimeistely,vankka rakenne,komea muotoilu,Desing by Kit Rae.
# Pituus:1105mm
# Terän pituus:844mm
# Terän paksuus:n.4mm
# Terän materiaali: 420 J2 ruostumaton teräs
# Kahva Materiaali: Kokometallinen. Rat-tail tang rakenne

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From a world of fantasy legends comes the third edition of the ”Swords of the Ancients Collection”, designed by fantasy artist Kit Rae , Morthoseth ”Sword of Shadows”. This high quality fantasy sword features intricately detailed solid metal handles and 420 stainless steel blades. Each purchase includes a FREE full-color 18″ x 24″ art print , ”Barlodir Slays the Shadows” and a new chapter in The Tale of the Swords of the Ancients , printed on parchment paper. Each piece is branded with the designer’s trademark.

Morthoseth features a black silver plated finish on the solid metal parts and a four-eyed metal blade ornament is mounted on the fantasy styled blade , said to give the one possessing the sword the vision to see the invisible.
# Overall Length: 43-1/2″
# Blade Length: 33-1/4″
# Blade Thickness: 1/4″
# Blade Material: 420 J2 stainless steel
# Handle Material: Cast metal. Rat-tail tang construction


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