FKMD ATC FX-ATC02 Fighting Tomahawk

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Hieno ja erikoinen AMERICAN TOMAHAWK 81670!
Desing by Shane Sibert.
Terä:N690Co teräs
kahva/varsi:N690Co/G-10 kahva palat.
Kotelo:Erittäin laadukas Condura kotelo.

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FOX KNIVES MILITARY DIVISION (FKDM) is a special division of Fox Knives, founded in 2005. The product program focuses on fielding tools for the special needs of police, military and ambulance corps. Since foundation FKMD is official NATO supplier and tight-knit with elite associations worldwide. The knives of the FKMD series are conceived for highest resilience, reliability and action safety. FKMD use premium materials like N690Co Steel, G-10, Airplane Aluminium, Titan, Carbon Fiber or Forprene solely. The N690Co blades are for highest performance hardened to 59-60 HRC.

This collaborative project is a collaboration of ATC (American Tomahawk Company), Shane Sibert and FKMD. Shane Sibert, an American Knife Maker, developed a multifunctional, throw fit tomahawk with a modern design for ATC.
The head and the whole body are made from high-class N690Co steel. The non-slip G-10 scales are screwed with the handle and show with the characteristic grooves the signature of Shane Sibert. A high-class Cordura case is within the scope of supply.

Weight: 960 g
Overall length: 36.3 cm
Blade Material: N690 Co steel
Handle Material: N690 Co steel with G-10 handle scales


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