Electrolux vedensuodatin pakkaus 3kpl-Paketti

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3 Vaihdettavaa PureAdvantage™ vedensuodatinpatruunaa AquaSense™ kannulle.

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The high quality filtration removes impurities, limescale, odours and unpleasant taste, and it filters faster than any other premium water filtration system. You save minutes with every filtration – all so you can enjoy clean, filtered water faster than ever before.

ULTRA FAST FLOW – PureAdvantage™ water filter technology provides high quality filtration, and filters faster than any other premium water filtration system.

GREAT TASTE – The PureAdvantage™ water filter technology removes odours and particles that affect the taste.

GREAT FOR COOKING – using PureAdvantage™ filtered water when you cook makes your food taste even better.

BETTER TASTING TEA AND COFFEE – using PureAdvantage™ filtered water when you make tea and coffee enhances the flavor and appearance of your beverage.

IMPROVES LIFETIME OF KITCHEN APPLIANCES – using PureAdvantage™ filtered water cartridges prolongs the lifetime and performance of your kitchen appliances.

PUREADVANTAGE™ FILTER TECHNOLOGY – The unique and innovative PureAdvantage™ water filter cartridge contains 3M purification technology.

TESTED AND CERTIFIED – The PureAdvantage™ water filter cartridge has been tested and certified by the independent German test institute TÜV Rheinland and LGA.


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