CRKT SS-01 veitsien teroituslaite

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CRKT SS-01 veitsien teroituslaite on nerokas ja kätevä apuväline pitämään arvokkaat CRKT veitsesi aina juhla kunnossa!
Karkea teroitus.Kivituhka puikko
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After many years in the knife industry, Steve McCowen of Iola, Wisconsin, had seen literally hundreds of knife sharpening systems, ranging from stones to expensive electric hones. The simpler devices required a good deal of skill, the more advanced systems came with mounting hardware and pages of instructions, and the electric sharpeners could grind the edge of a favorite knife to nothing in a few seconds.
Steve came up the idea for the Slide Sharp™ and contacted Charles Kain, a custom knifemaker in Indianapolis, Indiana. Together they developed the breakthrough, patented* product you see here.
The Slide Sharp uses a unique system of injection-molded nylon guides to hold the knife edge at the specific angle required for optimum sharpening. A hardwood base holds a porcelain sharpening rod. Simply insert the rod in the base, slide a return spring over it, select the sharpening guide needed for your knife, and slide on the cap.


* Base: Natural finish ash
* Rods: MRI #229 Porcelain
* 0.310″ (8.0 mm) x 9.45″ (240 mm)
* Guides: Nylon, 15-degree and 20-degree angles
* Storage Case:
* Material: ABS
* Length: 10.5″ (267 mm)
* Width: 4.5″ (114 mm)
* Depth: 1.5″ (38 mm)


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