CRKT 9350 Quick Release Paracord Bracelet

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CRKT selviytymis ranneke.
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The CRKT Quick Release Parachute Cord bracelet is a solution that’s convenient and simple that goes around your wrist and is very welcome when you’re in a survival situation. Jason Scarvalas-designed Quick Release Paracord Survival Bracelet. The QR Survival Bracelet is available in black, tan and fuchsia in both large and small sizes, it lets you quickly deploy an emergency paracord for tourniquets, lashing, or anything else, all with easy-to-use pull tabs.

The Quick Release Paracord Survival Bracelet from Hudson, New Hampshire’s Jason Scarvalas puts a variety of survival options well within reach. Scarvalas has a unique eye for design, and this bracelet–like every piece he creates–is packed with quality and functionality. When you’re in trouble, you don’t always have time to access your pack. Survival tools are only effective if you can reach them when you need them most, which means keeping them on hand at all times. Even standard, tie-on survival bracelets require too much time to deploy when time is of the essence.


Color: Fuschia
Size: Large
Brand: CRKT
Model: Quick Release Paracord Bracelet
Model Number: 9350FL
Product Type: Bracelet


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