Alpha 2 valaisin 2,2Ah akku 3x5W Luxeon K2 LED/57095-2

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SUURTEHO OTSAVALAISIN. 2,2Ah Li-Ion akku ( 100g ). Otsavalon paino paristoineen n.270g . TAKUU 24 KK

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Original technical info:

Silva has created an entirely new type of mobile light, with three well-designed and balanced light sources together in one lamp. You will have the right amount of light, both at a distance and close up, without angling your head. Alpha 2 has a small, lightweight 2.2Ah rechargeable battery that is placed on the headband. Alpha makes you see things in a new light. Silva’s innovative Intelligent Light means you won’t be surprised by things coming out of the dark.
Key features
• Intelligent Light® – Optimized Light Image developed for speed applications – See your immediate surrounding as well as far ahead
• Extreme Light performance – 150m+
• Light time high/mid/low 1/2/8h
• Multiple click in use – head (included), bike (optional), helmet (optional)
• Li-ion battery 2.2 Ah (100 g) – light, powerful and economic
• Battery integrated in headset for ultimate freedom


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