Wes Hibben WH101 Heittoveitsi setti /3Kpl

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Laadukas Wes Hibben WH101 :
3kpl Heittoveitsiä
AUS-6 Teräs
Nylon vyökotelo

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With a sleek, futuristic styling, this set of three throwing knives not only looks great, but throws perfectly as well. Each knife is constructed from one solid piece of AUS-6 stainless steel with a corrosion resistant, non-glare black coating. A double-edged blade has been laser etched with the Wesley Hibben Custom Design logo and the handle features grooves for aerodynamic performance. Each set of three knives is perfectly balanced throwing knives also includes a durable nylon belt sheath for carrying your new Wesley Hibben Cloak Throwing Knives. 4 5/8” bl, 10” ov.


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