Vornado 533 Compact Circulator Tuuletin

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Vornado 533 Compact Circulator Tuuletin

-Tehokas tuuletin
-Vortex Ilmankierrätys tekniikka
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The 533 Vornado compact circulator uses signature energy efficient Vortex Action to move air up to 21 meter, providing whole room air circulation. Despite it’s small size, the 533 is more powerful than an 46cm commercial fan! Its compact size makes it ideal for use in an office, dorm room, or cubical. Available with a 3-speed control. Evens room temperature, eliminating hot and cold spots. 3 speed control to adjust airflow from whisper quiet to a powerful high setting for quick room circulation.
– Grill Diameter: 18.6cm
– Blade Diameter: 18.2cm
– Max. Reach airflow: 21.3m
– RPM: 1150 – 2225
– Max. Noise: 65dB
– Max. Air volume: 504m³/hour
– Max. Power: 52W
– Number of Speed Settings: 3
– Item Height: 28.7cm
– Item Length: 17.78cm
– Item Width: 24.51cm


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