United Cutlery XL 1538 Pig Sticker Throwing Game

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United Cutlery XL1538:
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12 piece set.

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Pig Sticker Throwing Game:
Enjoy less walking and more throwing with our exclusive 12-piece set of On Target Pig Sticker throwers! Half of these 6 1/4” stainless steel throwers come in a traditional satin finish, and the others feature a black, baked-on finish. All the throwers have eye catching etchings right on the blade for a uniform look. Each thrower offers a razor-sharp edge and piercing point that will stick every time you nail the target! Perfectly balanced for an easy, accurate throw every time. Includes a folding nylon carrying case, a target and exclusive Pig Sticker™ game card instructions with several knife-throwing games to keep you entertained.


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