True Utility® HandSpan TU-203

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Stainless steel folding and locking fork, spoon and lightly serrated blade all in one! Hangs on your belt or key-ring with a handy quick release clip. For use when camping, eating your daily lunch at work, at home, or when travelling. A generously sized spoon, with fork tips on end, opposite side is used for cutting with a gently serrated edge.

Adjustable Spanner
4 Easy to Grip Finger Grooves Enable You to Undo Nuts and Bolts (0-20mm 3/4”) with Increased Torque
Screwdrivers – Phillips and Flat Edge
Bit Holder and Tool Securely Lock Together for Attaching the Tool to Your Key-ring
key-ring attachment
Product Size:
L52 x W47 x D8mm

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Material: Stainless steel

Colour: Silver

Size: L52 x W47 x D8mm

Weight: 136 grams


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