Tool Logic SL-2 Water Survival knife

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Tool Logic SL-2 Water Survival knife,Lukkiutuva terä,

-Vesitiivis säiliö veitsen yläosassa,mihin sopii mm.tulitikut tai vaikka Maglite solitaire valaisin(ei mukana)

-Kokonaispituus 176mm

Terä Combo 80mm

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Tool Logic SL2 Water

SL2 Survival Water Multi-Function Tool brings you a great tool for your canoeing, fishing, kayaking, camping and other outdoor activites. With SL2 you get three vital functions in an amazingly compact tool that weighs in at just 2.5 oz. Tool Logic’s SL2 Survival Water Tool brings you their razor sharp 3″, 50/50 serrated, 420 J2 stainless steel blade constructed for one handed operation with a liner style lock. A loud signal whistle is built into the handle. The 3rd function for the SL2 Survival Tool is a versatile empty compartment for emergency essentials that is watertight for shallow immersion. It can hold an array of useful items from waterproof matches, fish hooks, spare cash, and even bigger items like a Mag-liteTM SolitaireMT flashlight. Tool Logic constructs SL2 Water Survival Knife with a black stainless steel pocket/belt clip, and a hole for lanyard or key ring attachment making it easy for you to take it wherever you go. SL2 measures 4″ closed.


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