Sweek Smart Watch Black,Älykello

49,90  (sis. alv.)

Monipuolinen ja tyylikäs Sweek Älykello tulossa Huhtikuu-21! Mittaa mm: askeleet,kalorit,sykkeen,unirytmin,ajan,lämmön,matkan yms yms!

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This round Watch gets big success since its classic design and very light comfortable wearing, meets market and customers needs very much, it is 1st round temperature watch for daily dressing, sport, fashion, working time.


1.3” full touch full round clear display 5 Sports modes: walking, running, riding, climbing and basketball Tracks daily steps, distance and calories burned Classic, soprt, fashion strap to match your daily dressing 24hr dynamic heart rate monitor Receives messages and notifications Automatically tracks your body temperature and sleep pattern to protect your health IP68 waterproof Breath relaxation training 100+ different styles dials support from APP Available strap: silicon, rubber, fabric.

1Kpl Leveys 75 mm Korkeus 30 mm Pituus 190 mm Paino 155 g




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