SOG Revolver 2.0 Hunt,Metsästysveitsi FX22L-CP

84,00  (sis. alv.)

SOG Revolver 2.0 Hunt:
Kokonaispituus: 198mm
Terä:82mm,8CR13MOV,HRC 57-58
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With a full-tang revolving blade that switches from flat-ground skinning blade to saw with gut hook in the blink of an eye, the Revolver 2.0 epitomizes versatility.

The Revolver 2.0 Hunt is the definitive knife for the outdoorsman, hunter, archer, fisherman, and sportsman. With a upswept clip point blade, large flat bevel grinds, gut hook, and a bone/wood saw, you can dress game, cut tree stands, build shelter, and still have enough left to clear that pesky redwood tree out of your way.

Press the locking button in the handle and the blade rotates to reveal the double tooth saw/gut hook. The glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) handle has stainless steel liners, which ensure strength and quality, and a hidden carbide sharpener so you can keep your blade sharp.

Whether you’re hunting or camping, why not pack twice the capability with the Revolver 2.0 Hunt? It might just transform your idea of what a knife should be.


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