SOG Forge FG01-L Veitsi/Puukko

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San Mai Teräs ja erikois taonta!

Kestävä Veitsi kaikkeen käyttöön.

Terämateriaali:Erikois Taottu SAN MAI VG-10
-Erittäin kova mutta joustava terä
Karkaisu/kovuus: RC.59-60
Kokonaispituus: 26.10 cm
Paino: 286.34 g
Terän pituus: 15.24 cm
Terän paksuus: 0.51 cm
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The SOG Forge evokes a period in Japanese history when honor was the most highly coveted virtue: it was a time when everything was handmade with meticulous care. A good knife or sword was meant to last for life- and as such, The Forge is built using both traditional and modern methods. It projects a sense of elegance and sophistication at the same time. The VG-10 san mai blade is hammer forged creating the distinctive pattern and the handle is precisely fitted using a stepped topo design for exemplary balance and feel. Because no detail is overlooked, the sheath is as good as the knife – crafted in Japan from thick rich leather with a splash design stitched into its face. The SOG Forge is truly a beautiful collector’s item.

San mai means layered steel. It contains a very hard core steel that is encased in softer more resilient outer layers, Its advantages are in having a blade with an extremely hard edge but that can be flexible as well. There are many combinations of steel used in san mai.


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