Silva SEAL 7X50 Merikiikarit

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Huippulaadukas Silva SEAL7X50:
-7x suurennos
-Objektiivin halkaisija: 50 mm,BAK-4
-Suurinäkökenttä 1000 m etäisyydeltä: 115 m
-Typpikaasu täytteinen
Takuu 24kk

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• Rubberized surface
Grip friendly
• Floats if dropped in water
Floatable neck strap
• 7x magnification
Steady viewing – optimal to use at sea
• No fog / condensation inside
Nitrogen gas filled
• Perfect in low light conditions
Ø50 mm lens
• Great optical performance
Bak-4 optics high quality glass

High quality binoculars with floatable carrying strap for your marine adventure.
A pair of binoculars should be standard equipment when you go outdoors. Are you a Fox, Hawk or Seal kind of person? No matter what, you find your favorite pair in the new SILVA binoculars series.

The names of all 3 new binoculars reflect the area of use. The SILVA Seal binoculars are even more long range than Hawk and less “shake sensitive”, and therefore optimal to use at sea. It also has a floatable carrying strap if you buy mistake drop it in the water. They all have a grip friendly rubberized surface to fit great in your hands. Waterproof and nitrogen filled ensures many years of trouble-free use in the toughest of conditions. They also come with a robust, semi hard carrying case that protects your binoculars when not in use, plus a neck strap and a cleaning cloth. A contemporary design make these binoculars a fresh element in a very traditional influenced product category.


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