Silva Ranger PRO otsavalo uutuus!/37242-2

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Silva Ranger PRO otsavalo uutuus!
Silva Ranger on tehty kovaan käyttöön.
Paino:vain 75g
Vesitiivis rakenne IPX7

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The Silva Ranger headlamp is as rugged as its name suggests, designed with durability as the main feature. Ruggedness is key for equipment used in the wilderness, where you can encounter any condition and environment. Ranger Pro—the DIY and industrial favourite—comes complete with helmet attachment and is equipped with white LEDs only, for a strong, hands-free, working light. Ranger Pro features Silva Intelligent Light® technology comprising both a strong light for distance, and the floodlight necessary for close-up vision. 37242-2
Key features
• Battery life: 20h
• Max lumens: 34Lumens
• Light distance: 32m
• Weight: 75g
• Water resistance: IPX7
• Power with only one AA battery
• Beam pattern: Intelligent Light®

Use Ranger pro for
• Helmet attachment
• Climbing


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