Roselli Wootz RW200 LS UHC Eräpuukko hopea heloin/Pitkä

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H.Roselli erikois puukko,pitkällä terällä.
Hopeiset helat
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Terä UHC Wootz n.140mm
Kokonaispituus 265 mm

A New Dimension in Sharpness !

Now Available Roselli knives with UHC-blade Following years of research and experiments, H.Roselli developed his own way of processing ultra high carbon containing bladesteel (1,5 – 2,0 %). The outstanding edge holding properties of UHC-steel results from the high amount of hard carbides produced in the forging process. Whatever the job, -carving, cutting or skinning-, UHC-steel holds its edge longer. In fact the edge retains its sharpness twice as long as conventional carbon steel. The handles of UHC-knives are made of birch, kiln dried and stained, to ensure a good grip. A strongly constructed leather stealth is a feature of each Roselli knife.


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