Ricatech RR3100 XXL Retro Classic LED Jukebox with USB/SD encoding

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RR3100 XXL Retro Classic LED Jukebox.
Mahtava ääninen!

Ihan oikean kokoinen Jukebox nyky tekniikalla!
50-Luvun tunnelmaa parhaimmillaan!

-Vinyyli soitin
-mp3 soitin
-SD Korttipaikka
-Kauko säätö

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The original Ricatech RR3100 classic jukebox is a way to let the ”good times roll”, and to others it’s a way to add a little flare to an environment. Based on a classic jukebox design, this ultimate entertainment companion is a real treat for the eyes and ears. While providing a good dose of nostalgia on the exterior, the interior is full of all the modern technologies we’ve all come to love.

This Jukebox comes complete with a CD player that reads mp3 file, digital AM/FM radio, 3 speed turntable which is suitable for your 33, 45, and even 78 rmp records, USB port and SD card slot. The record feature lets you record with ’one press on the button’ directly your vinyl record, CD and SD card to a USB stick. You can also copy files from USB to SD with the record function.At the back of the jukebox you can find the aux in & output, external speaker connection and the light controller.

With the aux-in you can connect any mp3 player, smartphone or (tablet) PC.

The aux-out makes it possible to connect the jukebox to any entertainment system.

Complete with color shifting LED lighting tubes, this jukebox really brings the magic of the 50’s in to your bar, restaurant, office or home. The jukebox comes with a full range of stereo speakers and provides superior sound. The nostalgic ambiance of the ”good old days” has now been rediscovered for the modern lifestyle! Nothing matches the fun and excitement of unveiling your own professional-quality floor standing Jukebox to your family, friends and customers. This Ricatech nostalgic jukebox is sure to enhance the decor and mood of almost any surrounding and will always be the optical and acoustical eye catcher. The jukebox is delivered complete with remote and aux-in cable.


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