Ricatech RMC360 Horn Record-Player with Bluetooth

249,90  (sis. alv.)

Nostalgic RMC360 Horn Record-Player with Bluetooth

Komea Nostalgia Levysoitin jossa Bluetooth.

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RMC360 Horn Record-Player with Bluetooth
The inventive Ricatech RMC360 music center with horn is a real eye-catcher. With its nostalgic horn loudspeaker design, this ultimate entertainment center made entirely of wood is a real treat for the eyes and ears. While the outside has a real nostalgia, the inside features all the modern technologies we all love so much. This music center comes complete with a CD player that reads all MP3 files, AM / FM radio, 3-rpm record player suitable for your 33-, 45- and 78-rpm records, USB port and Bluetooth. The nostalgic horn loudspeaker makes this music center a must-have for your bar, restaurant, office or home. The music center comes with a complete set of stereo speakers. These are located in the wooden housing of the music center and deliver superior sound quality, which is further enhanced by the horn. Retro is ready for the modern lifestyle! Nothing beats the fun and easy use of this professional quality music center!


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