Jamara R/C Drone F1X 4+7 Channel RTF / Photo / Video / Gyro Inside / With Lights

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Laadukas2,4GHz Drone Wifi kameralla ja tallennus SD-kortille!

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F1X Altitude AHP+ 2,4 GHz
Ord. No. 42 2010 Altitude HD AHP+Ord. No. 42 2011 Altitude Wifi FPV Camera AHP+

Altitude Hold Adjustment (AHA)
Compass function is on/off switchable on the transmitter AHP+
Race Drone build with very birght LED rear lighting for better orientation
Controllable via Transmitter and APP (422011)
Adjustable Wifi FPV camera (720 x 576px) with Photo/ Video function and removable 4 GB SD-card (422011)
360° Flip-Salto
Self stabilising 6 Axis flight attitude control
Inteligent LEDs (red/green) with flight direction indication and low voltage warning
4 channel 2.4 GHz Transmitter
Fully trimmable
Sturdy and light plastic frame with changeable rotor protection
4 powerful high performance motors

Up to 40 Km/h fast
3 Flight modes; slow, medium and fast
Turbo function
Fast changing battery pack

Aileron + 360° Flip
Rotary speed
Roll + 360° Flip
Compass controlled direction control
Barometer controlled altitude control
Box contents:

Quadrocopter F1X Altitude AHP+ 2,4 GHz
Transmitter 2,4 GHz
Flight pack
Charger 230 V
Spare rotor blades
Smartphone holder (42 2011)
Recommended Accessories:

Transmitter:4 x AA 1,5 V batteries, Ord. No. 14 0267 (4 pieces)
Replacement battery, Ord. No. 42 3109
Technical Data:

Rotor Ø ~ 145 mm
Length Ø~ 425 mm
Height~ 108 mm
Weight~ 120,4g
BatteryLiPo 3,7V 750mAh Android Link Apple Link


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