Gerber Truss Butterfly New 22-31-000334

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1027513 Gerber Truss Multi-Tool Uusi päällikkö!

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Sisältää 17 eri työkalua!!

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Weight: 8.4 oz
Closed length: 4.35″
Open length: 6.5″
Width: 0.66″
Needlenose pliers
Regular pliers
Wire cutter
2.25″ fine edge blade
2.25″ serrated edge blade
Real cross driver
Small, medium, and large flathead drivers
Can opener
Bottle opener
Wire stripper
Improved sheath

Boasting 17 curated tools, the Truss is built to handle any and all tasks thrown at it: at the job site, around the house, and everywhere in between. The optimized tool pack is edited to remove unused tools and include much-requested ones – this multi-tool heeds the call of the demanding user.

An evolution of the original Suspension chassis, the Truss includes the benchmark features: all outboard tools, all locking tools, and spring-loaded pliers
New features to the Truss include: wire stripper, medium flathead driver, awl, file, and ruler
The low-profile sheath can be mounted vertically or horizontally on belt
The handle is constructed from one single piece of steel, allowing for additional strength in a slimmer design
The needlenose pliers are spring-loaded to lessen hand fatigue for the user


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