Fox Suru Carbon Fiber Taittoveitsi,Sininen FX-526CFBL

129,90  (sis. alv.)

Fox Suru FX-526CFBL,Desing by Jesper Voxnaes

Kokonaispituus 148mm
Suljettuna 90mm
Paino 58g
Terä 60mm,Böhler M390,61 HRC
Kahva Hiilikuitu

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The Fox Suru FX-526CF Bronze is a light-weight EDC knife, designed by Jesper Voxnaes. Because of its compact size and friendly look and feel the Suru Alu is perfect to always carry with you. It’s 6.0 cm long blade is made from incredibly stainless Böhler M390 steel. M390 also retains its sharpness very long which makes it perfect for everyday use.

This carbon fibre edition of the Fox Suru won the Overall Knife of the Year 2018 award at the 2018 Blade Show. The most coveted award at the show which demonstrates how remarkable this knife is.

Fox namely also produced the lockside from carbon fibre. This is unusual because usually the lock is made from titanium, aluminium or stainless steel. In this case this lockbar is made from curved carbon fibre. As far as we know it is unique. Because carbon fibre quickly wears out after coming in contact with steel Fox enhanced it with a steel lockbar insert. The result of the carbon fibre handle is that the Fox Suru CF, with its 60 grams, feels like it weighs next to nothing.


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