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Terä:168mm,Bohler N690,HRC 58,MIL-C-13924 Poltto viim.

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Extreme Ratio E.R. Commando Black, Bohler N690 Fixed Blade Anticorodal Anodized Aluminum Handle

The famous combat knife of British Commandos during World War II. It is still well appreciated and it is the symbol of raiders in all Commonwealth countries. E.R.
Commando differs from the past versions as it can be disassembled without using any tool.
It comes with anti-slip aluminum handle which replaces the classical knurled brass one.


•Weight: 5.93oz.
•Blade Length: 6.61″
•Total Length: 11.54″
•Main Blade Thickness: 6.3mm.
•Blade Material: Bohler N690 Steel (58HRC)
•Handle Material: Anticorodal Anodized Aluminum
•Main Grinding: Flat
•Blade Finishing: MIL-C-13924 Burnishing

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Good morning!

Just wanted to let you know that yesterday I have received the
Extrema ratio commando knife
and I want to say thank you, the knife is beautiful, better than I thought, very well made, high quality materials and superb fit and finish, I couldn’t ask for more.
I also want to say that your service is top quality, I am very pleased and satisfied with your service, one of the best on earth, well done, you guys are professionals and very smart, among the best that I ever dealt with.
I am 100% satisfied with everything, not only, but I will recommend to all my friends or anyone who wants to buy this kind products.
Keep up with the good work, will definitely buy again from you in the future.
Thanks again
Best regards


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