CRKT M21-02 Taittoveitsi

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Komea M21-02 on ns.Little Bulldog kokoa,eli astetta pienempi kuin Järeä Big Dog malli.AUTOLAWKS safety tuo turvallisuutta veitsen käyttöön.

Terä:”Deep Bellied,76mm,AUS8,58-59 HRC
avattuna 184mm
suljettuna 108mm

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When a series like Kit Carson’s aluminum handled line has been so successful, it is bound to spark calls for variations. In this case, the request was for a spear point blade similar to Kit’s M18 design. As soon as they saw the first sketches, Columbia River knew they should offer it in two sizes similar to the ”Little Bulldog” and ”Big Dog”.

The new swedged and recurved blade is ground to a spear point shape, using premium AUS-8 stainless steel in non-reflective frost finish to offer superior edge retention. The grind incorporates a false top edge and deep belly, yet retains a full width central spine for most of its width for maximum strength. We offer both Razor-sharp and Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edge grinds.

Teflon® bearings at the blade pivot assure velvety smooth one hand opening and closing, using Kit Carson’s trademark dual checkered thumb studs which also act as a blade stop.

The M21 feature the very popular ”Carson Flipper” blade extension, which aids opening and acts as an additional blade guard.

Blade Length: 3.125″
Overall Length: 7.375″
Blade Material: AUS-8 Stainless Steel
Weight: 3.3oz.


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