CRKT M16-01T EDC Titanium Taittoveitsi

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CRKT M16-01T Taittoveitsi kaikilla herkuilla titaaniin pakattuna mm.AUTOLAWKS safety.
Kahvat tarkkuus cnc työstettyä 6ALAV Titaania. Tuloksena vahvempi ja kestävämpi materiaali kuin parhainkin teräs laatu.

Terä: 79mm/2,0mm AUS8 58-59 HRC teräs
Pituus suljettuna 102mm
avattuna 181mm
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Kit Carson, designer of the M16® Series, became famous for his titanium frame M16 customs. True to Kit’s custom design in all details, the production M16T models have been taken a step further with the addition of our exclusive patented* AutoLAWKS™ safety, which automatically turns the folders into virtual fixed blades when the blade is opened and locked.

The handles, which form the open-build frame, are CNC machined from 6AL4V titanium. The result is a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel or aluminum, and an almost indestructible frame. The titanium frame is minimally ceramic bead-blast finished to enhance grip. The single 420J2 stainless steel locking liner with friction grooves provides positive locking.

The blade is AUS 8 stainless steel, chosen for edge retention and durability, in non-reflective fine bead blast finish. This steel can handle the most rugged cutting tasks and still be field sharpened.

Of course, the T models feature the signature ”Carson Flipper” extension to the blade, which aids opening and acts as an additional blade guard.

The M16®-01T is similar to our Every Day Carry M16 spear point models, but in a titanium build. It is just that much smaller, lighter and slimmer, making it easier to carry.

Faithful replicas. Premium quality. Precise. Smooth. Amazing value for those who want the ultimate M16. Kit Carson still marvels at how well our production titaniums compare to his customs.

*U.S. Patent Nos. 5,596,808 and 7,437,822

* Blade: Length: 3.125″ (79 mm)
* Thickness: 0.08″ (2.0 mm)
* Steel: AUS 8, 58-59 HRC
* Closed: Handle length: 4.00″ (102 mm)
* Open: Overall length: 7.125″ (181 mm)
* Weight: 2.4 oz. (68 g)


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