CRKT 9081 Spark,N Sharp Työkalu

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Tulus:Magnesium Rod

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Open Overall Length 2.8 inches
Weight 1.3 ounces

Material Nylon with Glass Fiber (Black)
Liner Firestarter Magnesium Rod

Anyone who’s made a fire with a magnesium fire starter rod knows it’s no picnic. And anyone who sharpens knives knows a tungsten carbide blade sharpener isn’t the first choice to get your edge back. But when you’re stuck in the woods in a snowstorm and the stakes are high, the rule book is your first source of tinder.

The Spark’N Sharp designed by Tom Stokes features a sliding plate that moves to expose either the sharpener or the steel striker. The fire steel snaps in place to form a streamlined bundle that stores easily in any pocket, bug out bag, go bag or survival kit. All parts of the fire starter are connected to a lanyard, so you never have to worry about losing pieces of your tool. The tungsten carbide knife sharpener will keep your blade honed to a working edge and the magnesium rod fire starter will produce sparks until your troubles go up in a cloud of smoke.

The Spark’N Sharp is lightweight, versatile and it could save your life in a pinch.


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