CRKT 2852 OC3 Veitsi

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CRKT OC3 Veitsi


-Kokonaispituus 277,8mm
-Terä SK5, 54-56 HRC,154mm,musta
-Paino 237g
-Nylon kotelo

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Designed by Pat Cascio in Lebanon, Oregon
It won’t run from a fight. But your enemies will.

Combat situations with the OC3™ fixed blade tactical knife don’t last long. The enemy only needs to see you take out the dual-edged 6” long blade and they’ll move as fast as the hands of the seasoned martial artist who designed it.
Over 6″ Dual-Edged Blade
Polished Resin Infused Fiber Handle for Grip
Multi-Functional Utility Gear Clip

Blade Length 6.072″ (154.23 mm)
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Steel SK5, 54-56 HRC
Blade Finish Black Powder Coat
Blade Thickness 0.182″ (4.62 mm)
Weight 8.3 oz
Handle Polished Resin Infused Fiber
Style Fixed Blade Knife w/Sheath
Sheath Material Nylon with glass fiber
Overall Length 10.938″ (277.83 mm)


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