CRKT 2380 Ritter RSK Mk5 Survival veitsi.

34,90  (sis. alv.)

Kätevän kokoinen Drop point tyyppinen veitsi.
Desing by Doug Ritter.
Kokonsa puolesta erittäin kätevä veitsi mm:eräretkeilyyn ja vaikka pienriista metsälle.
Terä:44mm,3Cr13,51-53 HRC
Zytel kotelo:sis.pakkaukseen
Paino:Vain 26g

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Doug Ritter’s RSK Mk5™ (Ritter Survival Knife) is not a knife you would use all day for normal work tasks. But, based on Doug’s philosophy that “if it isn’t with you, it can’t save you™,” it is compact and light enough to fit in almost any small personal survival kit or stash-away location, yet robust enough that it’s a knife you can bet your life on™.

Doug is the founder of the Equipped To Survive™ web site and an international authority on survival equipment. The RSK Mk5 is a collaborative effort based on Georgia knifemaker David White’s custom Shrewd Survival Knife, itself the result of collaboration with Dr. Andrew Osbourne.

Weighing in at less than an ounce, the skeletonized fixed blade sports a 1.75″ wide-chord drop-point blade with a high flat grind. The high-carbon steel blade has Doug’s preferred stonewashed finish for improved corrosion resistance.


* Blade: Length: 1.75″ (44 mm)
* Thickness: 0.12″ (3.0 mm)
* Steel: 3Cr13, 52-55 HRC
* Knife: Overall length: 3.81″ (97 mm)
* Weight: 0.9 oz. (26 g)


* RSK Mk5 Sheath: (included with knife)
* Material: Zytel
* Length: 2.25″ (57 mm)
* Width: 1.47″ (37 mm)
* Weight: 0.3 oz. (9 g)


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