Cold Steel Black Talon II SanMai Steel CS22BT

175,00  (sis. alv.)

Cold Steel Black Talon II SanMai Steel CS22BT




136 g


245 mm

Terän pituus:

105 mm

Pituus Suljettuna:

143 mm

Terän vahvuus:

3,5 mm

Muut ominaisuudet:

Kolo turvanarulle ja Taskuklipsi

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CS22BT: 22BT Black Talon II
Cold Steel

The original “Black Talon” was a revolutionary knife in many ways. Handmade and limited edition, it featuring a modified curved talon blade* made from Japanese San Mai steel, a sleek titanium frame with G10 scales and – for its time – a very strong locking mechanism.

Cold Steel fans have been clamoring for them to bring back this classic and iconic blade, and now we are proud to announce a redesigned knife that we have christened the Black Talon II!

A design collaboration between Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompson and custom knife-maker Andrew Demko, the Black Talon II is a modern masterpiece!

Its sinuously curved, needle sharp blade still features the distinctive down-swept point and pronounced belly of the original, but with high end American XHP super-steel and a redesigned tip for additional strength and durability.

The textured premium USA G10 scales offer maximum retention and grip even in cold or wet conditions while still being kind on your clothing when drawn from the pocket.

The contrast between the deep black of the scales and the exquisite rich satin polished blade further emphasize the flair and style of this good-looking and elegant folder.


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