Böker Plus Mohican 3kpl heittokirves setti

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Böker Plus Mohican 3kpl heittokirves setti

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Böker Plus

Mohican 3pcs Set

  • Axe / Tomahawk
  • Boker Plus
  • 10.94 in 27.8 cm
  • 2.36 in  6cm
  • 0.15 in
  • 8.18 oz  235g
  • 3Cr13
  • Fixed
  • Asia
  • Black Musta
  • Nylon Nyloni
  • 09BO330

The all-steel 3Cr13 stainless construction is finished with a black coating. The design of the axe is based on the silhouette of traditional tomahawks of North American indigenous people and features an additional, shorter cutting edge on the axe head. The paracord-wrapped handle, which lies comfortably and securely in the hand, ensures the necessary precision when throwing the axe. The recess on the blade ensures balance with even rotation. For home advantage, the throwing axe set comes with matching scabbard as well as printed target overlay.


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